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Course overview

Have you ever wondered why some people are faster than others, how personality affects performance, or how technology can improve your performance? Then this subject is for you.

What will I study?


The main areas of study include physiological aspects of physical activity on the body systems; biomechanics and how they help improve performance and prevent injury; the psychological aspects of sport, how memory models can improve movement skills, and how psychological concepts may affect participation and performance in sport.

You will also develop your knowledge of the emergence, ethics and evolution of modern sport.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • Representation of the college/clubs in your chosen team sport/activity
  • Representation of the West Midlands AoC regional team (if applicable)  

What can it lead to?

Physical Education can lead to many exciting and fulfilling careers, such as teaching, sports development, sports medicine, sports management and physiotherapy.


Special entry requirements

We have no additional entry requirements for this A level.

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