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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind, brain and behaviour, allowing us to analyse and explain the link between them in understanding human behaviour. It’s about recognising what makes people tick and how these factors can help us address many of the problems and issues in society today. For example, are criminals born or made? And what impact would this have on rehabilitation?

What will I study

The course is divided into three core areas. The first is foundations of psychology. This includes social psychology looking at obedience and prejudice, cognitive psychology investigating human memory, biological psychology considering the brain and behaviour.

Applied psychology looks at criminal and clinical psychology in how theoretical knowledge has benefited society. Clinical psychology considers topics such as Schizophrenia and treatment. Criminal psychology, looks at criminal behaviour and courtroom psychology and the impact that has on the verdict.

The final area considers the wider impact psychology, answering questions such as ‘Does social control created by psychology, negatively impact society?’ and ‘How ethical is Psychology?’.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • Trips vary each year but examples of previous trips include the Natural History Museum, the Freud Museum and visiting Auschwitz
  • Visits to universities to experience hands on Psychology, taking part in research.
  • Other events have included inhouse conferences such as the ‘Behind Bars’ company and Brain days!

What can it lead to?

Psychology can lead to further study in clinical, forensic, educational and occupational psychology. It also provides an excellent stepping stone to other subject options varying from medicine, social work to marketing and business.

The individual support we can get differs so we all get an opportunity for specific help. The one to one support we get has really helped me to improve

Katie Mills

Additional information

GCSE grade 5 in maths. You do not have to study GCSE Psychology in order to study it at A level.

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