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There are lots of great websites that you can use to support you studies, complete wider reading and just had a good look at psychology in the real world beyond A level! Below are just a few that you could take a look at.

A website showing how ideas from psychology can crop up in various songs but it also contains lots of summary information for topics you will cover over the two years

An interactive website considering the impact of recreational drugs on the brain and subsequent behaviour. This is a topic covered in biological psychology

A short clip of a famous psychological study that you will learn about in social psychology considering obedience particularly related to the Holocaust.

An interview with Dr James Fallon, a neuroscientist who talks about the brains of murderers.

The original journal article of a famous study in psychology looking at the impact of role models on aggression in children. This link can also allow you to find other key studies in psychology.

Some fabulous short videos exploring many behaviours in psychology, such as mental disorders, prejudice, personality and many more!

Below are some useful websites for thinking about the future:

This website also contains a lot of information on the course content with summaries of studies and theories, clips and further links to real life issues that occur based on the content. 

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