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Below are common questions our International Students ask. We've divided these into 3 categories, (i) before I arrive (ii) in College (iii) living with my host family.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask please get in touch.  We can either answer your question or put you in touch with an international student who can tell you more about their college and home life.

Before I Arrive

Why should I choose King Edward's?

Good question.  Choose the college where you feel you will be happiest, safest, and you will achieve your objectives.  As an academic college we're looking for intelligent and ambitious students wishing to develop a western approach to their studies in preparation for acceptance into a top university. The support we offer is incredible and the teaching is outstanding. King Edward's offers a caring and supportive environment which will challenge every learner to meet their maximum potential. If this is what you're looking for we'd love to hear from you. 

What are the teachers like?

Excellent!  They are all experts in their subjects so can really make the learning interesting.  The British education system encourages you to think for yourself and develop your own learning so expect your teachers to use a lot of group-work and activities to help you learn.  It might seem different but you'll soon realise you are learning to be an independent thinker.   

In College

How many students would be in my lesson?

An average of 18 other students. Class sizes of around 19 is excellent for developing your learning as it means the tutor has time to spend with you, but there are also several other students to share ideas and techniques with. 

Will I be good enough for my subjects?

Let's find out.  We will explore your strengths and skills during your interview.  Certain subjects (eg mathematics) require you to sit a short test during the admissions process to ensure your suitability, other subjects (eg art) will assess your skills through copies of your work.  We will always ensure you are on courses which support your university or career aim, but we will also ensure you have the skills and ability to succeed on these courses.  

Will I get a place at a top university?

You'll need to work very hard for this but yes, if you follow your teachers' advice and work hard, you will have lots of opportunities to talk to and experience the top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE, Durham and Bristol.  The college even has a link with Cambridge University!  

Living With My Host Family

Will my host family like me?

Yes!  We carefully vet all our host families and conduct follow up visits every year.  Host families love having another person in their home and learning all about your culture - we only recruit hosts who enjoy the company of other teenagers in their homes.  Our earliest international students have now left college and keep in contact with their hosts - as friends.  If you are worried about your host family, contact college to learn more about the methods we use to ensure you are matched with a family who will really welcome and value you.   

Will my host family have children or pets?

That depends on what you want.  We give each student a questionnaire to complete asking you whether you would prefer to live in a home with pets, other children, etc. In the past we've placed students close to sporting facilities they really like, with host parents who work in the industry the student is aiming for, and with large or small families as requested, and in homes with or without animals. 

How friendly are other students?

Very.  The best strategy is to approach other people - try to talk to them first. When other students find out you are from overseas they will be interested in your life and want to talk to you some more.  Make as many British friends as you can, it will really improve your English!  


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•A*-C rate: 82.9%, significantly above the national average of 76.8%


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