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How to apply as an international student

We are currently recruiting students for September 2019.

Step 1: Speak to one of our agents.  
We like to use agents around the world to help us recruit.  We have taken the time to work with them so that they know us as a college. Many have been to the college and so know what it is like. They are the people that will help you with your application.  We are a friendly college and we are eager to help you through the process so you are not alone. If you do not have an agent, please contact and we will refer you.

Step 2: Think about what subjects you want to study.  
We offer a large range of subjects which students can choose. Most students study three A levels with a small number working on four. Have a look under the “courses” tab for more information on studying these subjects. Think about what you would like to study at university; we are specialists at preparing our students to go on to the UK’s top universities.

Step 3:  Prepare all your documents. 
There are a few things that you are going to have to get sorted out before you can apply. Here is a list, but because everyone is an individual we may ask you for something that is not on the list

  • Passport
  • IELTS Test Certificate
  • Transcripts or verification from your school about your subjects and expected / attained grades
  • A character reference from a teacher
  • A handwritten personal statement about why you want to come to King Edward’s

Step 4: Complete the application form 
Our PDF application form can be downloaded (we are in the process of developing an online application form) and then completed. This should be signed and emailed to the international team at Our agent will help you to do this. Normally we get back to your very quickly once we have your application.

Step 5: Skype Interview  
We meet all our prospective students whether they are overseas or in the UK. We don’t expect you to travel to the UK so one of our International Team will set up a Skype interview with you. It’s nothing to worry about, it’s an opportunity to get to know you and find out what you want to achieve in your studies with us.

Step 6: Offer 
Once we have interviewed you and you have completed the application process, we will either offer you a place at the college or, if we feel that you are not ready or are going to struggle with studying here, we may decline your application.  You will need to let us know fairly quickly if you are going to take up your place or not as we have a limited number of places for international students.

Step 7: Visa Application.  
Once you have a firm offer you will need to apply for your visa to study in the UK. You will need a Tier 4 (General) Student visa. See the Visa Information section for more information.

Step 8: Travel
You will need to arrange your own flights to the UK, although our agents are very helpful and will support you in these plans. We will arrange for you to be collected from the airport when you land in the UK and will take you to your host family or campus accommodation.

Step 9: Getting Settled
We like to welcome our international students to the college before lessons start, so we can settle you into your host family / accommodation and introduce you to life in the UK. We have a team of staff who will look after you and support you. Getting used to a new country with its food and customs can be exciting and strange, so we will give you time to get acquainted with everything.

Step 10: Now the hard work begins!  Starting your studies will be challenging and hard work.  We stretch our students to perform to their potential so studying in the UK will be demanding, but you will have fun as well and living overseas will be exciting.

We are now accepting applications from non-EU international students using the form below (open in Adobe Acrobat to edit).


Student application form

Download an International prospectus here

International students from outside the EU are able to apply to King Edward VI College directly, using our international application form, or through one of our approved agents.

We welcome all students who are ambitious and want to better themselves through education. 

Click here for our list of Approved Agents and local Guardianship agencies  

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Tutor and students

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Students in a Mathematics class


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