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Student life


A typical breakfast is toast, fruit or cereal, and tea, coffee or fruit juice. If you have dietary requirements, these can be accommodated.

Travel to college

Lessons start at 8.45 each day. Students generally arrive a few minutes early to chat in one of the student lounge areas, check their emails and social media, or meet in the outside areas.  

Morning Lessons

Lessons are designed to stretch your imagination whilst helping you to learn each topic and theory using a variety of approaches. These techniques are designed to develop your skills as an independent learner.

Class sizes average at around 19 per class - giving lots of access to your tutor. Students study one of their A levels 8.45-11.00, often with a short break in the middle and a tutor change to add variety and keep student interest high.

Mid Morning break & workshops

11.00-11.30 is time to relax and socialise - perhaps visit the student coffee shop or snack bar - before deciding which workshop to attend.  Every subject offers workshops to provide individual or small group support to students, in addition to support in the classroom.

Lunch & middle of the day activities

11.30-13.45 will be taken up with lunch - either in the student canteen or from one of the sandwich bars in Stourbridge Town - and another lesson or a club or society event. This is your time for sporting activities, music lessons, or one of the other many extra-curricular options. Whatever you're interested in, we've probably got a club for you!


13.45-16.00 you'll have your final A Level lesson. As with the morning, half way through there will be a change in pace, teaching style, or tutor. This gives you the opportunity to really learn about complex topics in detail whilst also having the variety of teaching styles to keep you interested and passionate about the subject, right up to the last minute of the teaching day.

Travelling Home

As the college is at the end of the main shopping street in Stourbridge you may decide to have a coffee with your friends on the way home. Stourbridge bus and train station is a 5 minute walk from college and has direct links to local shopping centres / malls and the nearest big city, Birmingham.  

At Home

Life at home can be more relaxed and less structured than you may be used to.  You will usually eat your evening meal around the table with your host family and discuss each other's day or the news. You will need to complete your homework as well as perhaps spend time with the family watching television or doing an activity, but you can decide when to do each task.     

Yewen Zhu - China

Yewen Zhu - China

Your Lessons

Your lessons for each subject will encourage independence of thought and include a variety of teaching and learning styles. In addition, all subjects provide workshops, giving you the ability to meet with your tutors outside lessons to check your understanding of the work, or to push your learning to university level.

Lessons are designed to stretch and challenge every individual whilst developing independence and a questioning mind. These combine to help you prepare for your university degree.

My teachers are very supportive and provide lots of help outside lessons. My English Language class is brilliant because the support I get is personalised to the subjects I am studying.

Yewen Zhu - China


Overall pass rate for A levels in 2019


•A*-C rate: 82.9%, significantly above the national average of 76.8%


Average class size

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