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Academic lessons and additional support

When you enrol at college you will meet with an expert adviser to ensure that your programme of study gives you the best possible preparation for your chosen career or university. You will normally receive five hours of lessons a week in each of your chosen subjects plus a programme of English support, personalised to your abilities and chosen subjects.

In addition, to help develop your knowledge of each subject, review  meetings with your tutors. You will also meet regularly with your Personal Tutor, who will closely monitor your progress, be available to offer advice and support and help you apply to your chosen universities during your second year at college.

Our academic results, including Mandarin translation

Tutors working with students

Tutors working with students

Additional classes

All students are encouraged to enrol on additional courses to learn a new skill, relax with a new hobby, or enjoy participating in the large variety of musical or sporting opportunities the college offers. You can meet friends in a book club, exercise in the gym, or perhaps learn a new language. From computer programming to Manga art; whatever your interest, we try to offer an activity to satisfy it.

English Language Support

All of our international students receive an individual assessment of their language needs once at college. Our English Language Specialist will work with you to agree a personalised programme of support based upon your current English skills and the subjects you have chosen to study. We will also help you to prepare for your IELTS exam to support your application to university.

Clubs & Societies

King Edward’s offers students over 40 different extracurricular clubs, each with the chance to learn new skills, make new friends and benefit from new experiences. If you've a passion for a particular activity, from Manga Art to poetry reading, there’s either a club for you to join or an opportunity for you to create one.

Workshops every day

Workshops every day

Parent Updates

Parents receive information through Parent Mail. A service which sends reports and information about trips and visits to parents. In addition, all parents receive regular formal updates on student progress at college, starting with a "settling in" report at the start of October.

I love English support class. It's very useful for us to know some interesting facts in English culture and improve our English. Shona is a very good teacher. She has provided us with great help in our lives and studies.

Victoria Yang, Shanxi, China


Overall pass rate for A levels in 2019


•A*-C rate: 82.9%, significantly above the national average of 76.8%


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