At King Ed’s we encourage students to attend all lessons unless they are unwell. We do not have a category for “authorised absence”, as students are either present or absent. We do not authorise absence for holidays. It is very important for us to know why students are absent and record the reason.

Once a month we will send attendance information to parents via email; this summary will be based on attendance in lessons. We report the number of hours attended or missed, as we feel this gives a better perspective than simple percentages. Please look out for the first attendance report in October.


Notify us of your absence and the reason via, using the ‘Absence Entry’ section on Cedar or by calling 01384 398179

Parents and Guardians 

Report absence via, or by calling 01384 398179

For more information about attendance, including our absence reporting step by step process, see our ‘Student Attendance’ policy.