This month’s safeguarding focus is student wellbeing, specifically in relation to a wellbeing app commissioned by the Black Country Health NHS Foundation Trust, called Wysa. The Wysa app is a completely confidential, secure, and private, artificial intelligence wellbeing coach. Mental health apps directed at young people, like the Wysa app, have the potential to be important assessment, management and treatment tools, creating easier access to health services, helping in the prevention of mental health issues and encouraging them to engage in self-help in times of need.

Students can download from the App Store or Google Play and enter code BCDU2023, to get one year’s free full access to Wysa’s self-help tool packs, including 150+ exercises, with everything from mindfulness and meditation to therapy tools for anxiety and depression for free. It may be helpful for students if they feel anxious or worried about exams, the future, relationships or anything else. Students who sign up also have access to a 24/7 mental health crisis line. Please click here for some FAQs.

Parents & Guardians: It’s worth noting that it is recommended for students aged 12+ so if you have anyone at home who you feel would also benefit from it- the code quoted above can be used as it doesn’t ask for an institution. The more people who sign up, the more likely it is that it will be recommissioned for another year.