Apprenticeships are becoming ever more popular for those A level students wishing to gain employment with training.

Apprenticeships follow one of a set number of frameworks/standards and are at different levels:

Lower level apprenticeships tend to have more numerous opportunities, with vacancies becoming more rare and competitive higher up the levels, with mostly larger companies offering Degree Apprenticeships.

Some useful resources for students

Unlike university study, apprenticeships are more focused on a specific vocation, industry or company. They offer a training wage, enabling students to enter the world of work far earlier, however the application process can be more intensive than traditional Higher Education.

We have our new Alternatives to University pathway that is intended to support students who are not going to university when they leave college. Email for more information.

Take a look at our NGTU Alternatives to Uni – Handout including a vast array of links and help on apprenticeships.