Virtual Work Experience

Virtual Work Experience

Due to changing work practices over recent years, many organisations offer hybrid working models which combine working from home as well as in an office / workplace setting.

Due to, this virtual work experience is now more widely available and can be a useful way for students to undertake work experience.

There are a number of companies/organisations who offer high quality virtual work experience as a way to gain valuable insights into profession.

Take a look at the links below for some examples of the best places to look for virtual work experience placements:

Additionally the KE Careers team advertise any links and opportunities on our Work Experience Padlet – check regularly for updates.

Please take a look at our short Introduction to Work Experience video on our KE Careers YouTube Channel for more information on the benefits of work experience and the ways to look for placements.

Please note: If students have a confirmed work experience placement (virtual or in person) please complete the Unifrog Placement form (see our work experience page for more detailed info on work experience).