Advice and guidance – from Exam Boards

Latest update: August 2022

*Latest guidance and communication – Ofqual and UCAS – joint letter to students receiving A level results*

From Ofqual – advice to students preparing for exams in 2022 

Please remember:

  • it’s normal to be anxious during the exam period and in the run up to it. Take a look at our guide for advice on how to coping with exam pressure
  • follow the rules on mobile phones. Every year some students are disqualified or have marks deducted because they have their phone with them in an exam. Don’t be caught out
  • it’s understandable to share your feelings about an exam on social media, but if you have a genuine concern, for example, if you think there might have been a mistake in a question, raise it with your exams officer or teacher, who can contact the exam board. Any other concerns? Check out our guide for students.
  • if you see or hear something that doesn’t seem right – for example, you think someone isn’t following the rules – raise it with your invigilator, your exams officer or a teacher
  • check your exam timetable carefully: if you miss an exam because you have mis-read your timetable you will receive no marks for that paper. If you miss an exam for a reason that was beyond your control, you should provide evidence of this to your school or college and ask them to apply to the exam board for special consideration.

Information for students from Ofqual

Ofqual has published a student guide, which contains information on the arrangements in place for awarding both GCSE, AS and A levels, and vocational and other qualifications, in 2022. We’d be really grateful if you could point students to it, as well as the other resources we’ve published this year to support them which include:

Ofqual and UCAS – joint letter to students receiving A level results

Ofqual student guide to exams and assessment 2021-2022

JCQ FAQs for students

JCQ Advance information student guide

Ofqual letter – advance information for exams in 2022

AQA 2022 exam changes – videos

With the summer 2022 exams fast approaching, AQA have created some helpful videos to remind you of the key things you need to know for A-levels this summer. The videos highlight what has changed for 2022, and what has stayed the same compared to 2019.

Rules, regulations and malpractice for mock exams by the Deputy Principal (video on Vimeo)

Rules, regulations and malpractice for mock exams by Deputy Principal (PowerPoint)