Post results information

Post results information – Summer 2022 

Access to Scripts

This service allows you to obtain a copy of your exam script. There are two options: 

Copies to support reviews of marking

  • To be obtained in the first instance with a view to having your script reviewed for marking at a later date.
  • Scripts will be returned from the awarding body by8 September so that the review of marking deadline can still be met.

Copies to support teaching and learning

  • For reference only. If you request a script for revision purposes you cannot apply for your script to be reviewed at a later date.
  • This is a much slower service and scripts are dispatched later in the year. Requests cannot be made until after 31 August as priority service should be used before then.

Clerical Check

This is a re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the release of a result. The service will include checking that all parts of the script have been marked, the totalling of marks and the recording of marks.

Review of Marking

This is a post-result review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly. It is not a re-marking of the script. The exam board have trained its reviewers to conduct reviews of marking accurately and consistently.


Scripts, clerical checks and reviews can be requested by collecting a personalised application form from Registry and handing this in with the appropriate fee, to Finance, by the deadlines below.

Payment can be made in person by cash or card. For telephone payments, please contact Finance on 01384 398 100. Please note that for all clerical checks and reviews of marking a signature is required so you must be available to call into college in person, before the appropriate deadline.

Centre assessed marks (coursework including Art & Design)

These components are not available for review at this stage. In this instance, each unit has been internally marked and externally moderated. There was an opportunity in April/May to request a review, before the marks were submitted to the examination board.

Deadlines and Fees

Service Deadline Fee
Priority review of marking Wednesday 24 August 2022* Vary by board. Approximate fee £55 per paper
Script to support review of marking (priority) Wednesday 31 August 2022* Vary by board. Approximate fee £12.50 per paper
Standard review of marking Wednesday 28 September 2022* Vary by board. Approximate fee £48 per paper
Clerical Check Wednesday 28 September 2022* Vary by board. Approximate fee £13 per paper
Script to support teaching and learning (standard) Thursday 1 September – Wednesday 28 September 2022* Vary by board. Approximate fee £11.50 per paper

*Please note that Finance has restricted opening hours. You can only make payment for the above services within the hours shown overleaf.


You will be notified via your college email address so please check your college email account regularly. Leavers’ email accounts will still be active throughout August and September for this purpose.

Office hours during the holiday period (to make an application with payment)

Thursday 18 August 8.00 am – 3.00 pm
Friday 19 August onwards 9.30 am – 3.00 pm

Summer 2023 resits

Entries for Summer 2022 leavers must be made between Monday 21 November and Wednesday 30 November 2022. Please email or telephone 01384 398 121 to enquire. There is no need to inform the College of your intentions before these dates so you have plenty of time to decide.

Resits are normally permitted for all written papers; coursework and practical components must be carried forward. The cost is approximately £115 per A level plus a one off £50 external candidate fee. As all subjects are now linear, all papers must be sat again.

This process does not allow any further college tuition. You will be required to self-study and come into college for exams only.


Certificates arrive at college in November. They are then collated and will be sent out to your home address by recorded delivery. You should receive these by the middle of December.

Please ensure that we still hold the current home address for you on our system. If you are unsure, please email Please also let us know if you move house between now and the end of the year. The cost of replacing lost certificates is approximately £50 per certificate so it is your responsibility to ensure we have the correct details for you.

Key Dates

Date Key Event
Thursday 18 August GCE results released
Wednesday 24 August Last day for requesting priority reviews
Thursday 25 August GCSE results released (emailed to college account)
Monday 29 August Bank Holiday – college closed
Wednesday 31 August Last day for requesting priority scripts
Thursday 8 September Priority scripts guaranteed to be back
Wednesday 28 September Last day for requesting standard reviews and clerical checks
Wednesday 28 September Last day for requesting standard scripts

For all exams questions and queries, please visit Registry which can be found on the lower ground floor of the Trevor Whitehouse building. Alternatively, please email