Important information for students regarding the bus strikes.

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Student Wellbeing Event

We are pleased to announce that our annual student wellbeing event will be held on Wednesday 29 March and Thursday 30 March. Our theme this year is the Four Pillars of Wellbeing: Sleep, Exercise, Relaxation and Nutrition.

Between 11.30 am – 13.30 pm each day there will be a mixture of activities and workshops for students take part in, as well as representatives from different charities available for students to visit for information and advice. Please look out for more information on college social media, from personal tutors and in emails.

The below sessions are bookable, please use the BOOK HERE NOW link above.

Mindful Changes
Wednesday 12.25 – 12.55 and 13.05 – 13.35
Understand and learn how to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety and learn useful tools to deal with those feelings. These one-off sessions will include exercises that you can do in the moment, before an exam or interview for example, and long term, to give you control over your wellbeing no matter what happens in your life.

Thursday 11.15 – 11.45 and 12.00 – 12.30
Do you want to feel more energised? Do you need to de-stress and find calm away from life’s pressures? Do you want to experience more comfort and confidence in your body? Yoga offers us tools and practices to help us achieve all of this, through meditation, breath work and movement. We can up-level how we feel in our mind and body, balancing our energy, building strength and flexibility, finding fun and joy in the moment.

Thursday 11.20 – 12.30
Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy, that uses essential oils derived from plants and flowers. It is designed to treat the whole body, and it aims to assist with the body’s natural ability to heal and recover from stress and illness, as well as encourage rest and relaxation. It is especially beneficial for stress-related issues such as headaches, insomnia, and anxiety.

Nature Walk
Thursday 11.15 – 12.30
Research shows that walking in nature offers stress-busting and mood-boosting advantages, plus a welcome chance to stretch your legs. So come and join the Wildlife Trust as they take you on a nature walk down to Riverside House, a brand-new hidden gem of a health and wellbeing centre just 10 minutes away.

Lego and Lego dots
Thursday 11.20 – 12.30
Building with Lego reduces stress and improves your wellbeing. It’s zen, in the shape of a brick. You can let your imagination run wild and dive into a colourful world of creativity. There are no rules with these sets, just blank canvases, and your imagination. A form of mindfulness, it has been shown to alleviate stress and anxiety, improve sleep and even lower blood pressure, so come and join us, switch off, unwind, unleash your inner child and build some bricks with us.

Mindfulness Colouring (drop-in session no booking needed)
Thursday 11.20 – 12.30
Colouring can be seen as a form of meditation. When you meditate, your brain enters a relaxed state by focusing on the present and blocking out the constant thinking we all experience. As a result, you reach a state of calm that relieves your brain from the daily stresses of life.


We will also have drop-in sessions for the following activities / workshops…. 

STI / HIV testing
Create a Kedst wellbeing playlist
How to destress before exams
How to recognise you need help and support

Representatives from the following services will be available to offer advice and support…

The Beehive Project – Sexual Health and Mental Health awareness
The Gym Group – Fitness and nutrition advice
West Midlands Fire Service – Road Casualty Reduction Team
West Midlands Police – Young Person Support Team
Stourcote Dental Practice – Dental hygiene
Fusion – Mental Health support for Black and Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds

Need to deal with exam stress?

Here are some resources which could be beneficial.

Heal Hub
This service is specifically for young people in the West Midlands. Lots of resources, online support and information on there.  Camhs also support it.

Specific Exam Stress Apps