What is EAL (English as an Additional language)?

An EAL student is a student whose first language is not English. An EAL student may be fluent in English and may have many years of studying and speaking English but a different language is used primarily at home.

If you have indicated on your application form that you are an EAL student, you will be offered EAL support by the college. This offer of support may be made even if you have not accessed EAL support at school. If you have not indicated on your application form, then please contact our EAL co-ordinator Georgia Preston Sell on

Our EAL students receive support in small groups or 1:1 workshops, covering the following areas:

  • Developing advanced vocabulary
  • Revising key aspects of grammar
  • Working on presentation skills
  • Supporting students with UCAS personal statements
  • Looking at essay structure and extended writing
  • Comprehension activities and stretch and challenge with reading
  • Help with planning and drafting coursework
  • Access to the on-line learning resource “Clarity English”