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At King Edward’s we will work hard to get to know you as an individual and will provide the support and encouragement you need to excel during the next vital and formative two years of your life. We have a comprehensive set of systems in place which are designed to guide and support you, happily and successfully, on every stage of your journey with us.

Personal tutors

Upon joining the college you will be assigned a personal tutor, known informally as your PT. Your PT will provide ongoing support and guidance throughout your two year programme. You will meet with the other members of your PT group on a regular basis to engage in a programme of activities designed to help you develop study skills. You will also meet with your PT individually for 1:1 reviews to explore how you are getting on, set targets and address any issues you may have.

Lead tutors

Your lead tutor works closely with your PT and has responsibility for your pastoral care whilst you are a student here. Lead tutors have access to an array of services and advisors, including full time counsellors, whose help can be called on for additional or specialised support. There is always someone available for students to sit down and talk to, if they have a problem.

Subject teachers

Your subject teachers are experts in their respective areas. They provide focussed support on all aspects of the curriculum area, including specialised study skills support through workshops and individual appointments.


Learning support

The college is a supportive and inclusive environment and disclosure of a learning difference or physical/mental health issue will be treated sensitively and will not hinder your success at application, in any way. All offers are based on performance at interview and academic potential. If successful on application you will receive comprehensive support from our highly trained professionals. If you suspect you have a condition such as dyslexia we offer a robust assessment process, the outcome of which may be reasonable adjustments in class and access arrangements for exams.

Learning Support

Learning Support

" When something was troubling me it felt like someone was really listening to me. It was ok not to be ok. There were always people to help."


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